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Quinoa instant meal 800 grms

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Product Name : Quinoa Instant Meal 800 Grms
Weight : 800 grams
Actual Price : 440.00
Sale Price : 440.00

Quinoa Instant Meal 800 Grms

Racewin quinoa is 100% whole grain and a complete protein source.
Quinoa is declare as grain of the year by WHO
It is the only grain and vegetable source that provides all the essential amino acids , important for muscle building and optimum growth in Kids
Quinoa provide High fiber and , so satisfy your hunger and curb food cravings.
Start your day with yummy quinoa flakes An absolute favorite among kids with delicious caramel banana flavour fortified with Dry fruits and Badam
Racewin delivers nutrition customised to your needs, obese,Diabetics, gym loversoers,. Try innovative recipes like Quinoa flake fruit salad to keep it interesting and healthy.
Benefits: racewin quinoa flakes benefits are it is 100% whole grain and a complete protein source, high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and contains a balanced set of amino acids

Maintains weight,
Very high in Protein and Fiber,
Builds muscle,
reduces high blood pressure,
prevents heart diseases,
alleviates migraine,
Rich in magnesium, potassium, and zinc,
Quinoa Flakes is high in Riboflavin (B2),
Contains Iron and Lysine.


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